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Silver & Gray Pavers

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Silver & Gray Pavers

There are many types of natural stone available, so it is important to choose the right natural stone for you. Natural Paving's stone has been tested by a lab in the US and has far surpassed all ASTM requirements for paver material. Find out more...
Tests include:

SI (Compressive Strength ASTM C140-15). The is the amount of pressure per square inch that may be applied before the stone breaks

Absorption Rate (ASTM C140-15). A low absorption rate is crucial to prevent stone holding onto water, especially in colder climates where high water content can result in the stone cracking

Coefficient of Friction Rate (ASTM C140-15). This is the slip resistance rating o the stone to ensure if is safe for use outside

Furthermore, all products from Natural Paving are CE marked to ensure they meet with strict EU regulations that were introduced in 2013. European standards EN1341 (flagstones), EN1342 (pavers) and EN1343 (kerbs) specify the requirements and test methods for each of these. The CE testing covers areas similar to ASTM including water absorbency, flexural strength and frost resistance.

All natural stone products have been tested to show the various properties of each stone and how it is likely to react under different circumstances.

Silver & Gray Pavers available now at Paving Superstore

Are you looking for silver, white, light gray, dove or gray pavers? Neutral and flexible, gray is a versatile shade for your outside living space. Whether you’ve got a contemporary, new décor to revamp or a more classic outdoor area, our Paving Superstore pavers are the ideal way to complement your existing theme or build on it. With us, you can browse your gray paving by material, surface finish, pack coverage, pack configuration, surface profile, and more – our goal is to make your hardscaping journey as effortless as possible!

Our Paving Superstore catalog of gray pavers includes durable, elegant porcelain stones and varied textures of hard-wearing natural stone for your home or property. Our driveway paving, walkway slabs, pool coping, wall coping, step coping, and multipurpose pavers are eco-friendly products from top market names such as Natural Paving – and we can deliver them to your home for a hassle-free landscaping experience. Among our popular gray stones, we have options for all weathers. We supply frost-resistant, non-slip, and resilient slabs for your redecorating or revamping project and a beautiful finished result!

Our ‘Classicstone’ Promenade range of Natural Paving slabs has two fantastic choices for those hoping to upgrade or renovate their patio. The 'De Terra' Promenade path pavers have been tumbled for an attractive aged finish that will set off your plants, furniture, and decking without taking away from your current color scheme. Made from natural sandstone, De Terra Promenade stones are full of character and have a cleft surface that adds texture and life to your yard or garden walkways. They are naturally slip-resistant with a rough yet comfortable gritty surface, making them a great choice for homes with children, pets, or properties that experience plenty of rain throughout the year. In addition, these light gray and dove stones are a fantastic finish to your poolside paving, with great frost resistance and low absorption. 

Also in the Promenade collection, you’ll find the signature 'Classicstone' Promenade paving stones a tasteful, more laid-back choice for homes with stepping, light-colored walling, or paler, cool existing themes. We supply the ‘Classicstone Promenade' stones in 24-inch by 24-inch packs, 6 foot by 3-foot packs, and in mixed size packs that enable you to take your landscaping project in new, creative directions. As they are between 1 and 2 inches thick, they are wear-resistant and durable throughout the whole year – they offer a long life for owners who are decorating with a fixed budget in mind, and require very little upkeep thanks to their low absorbency and great flexural strength.

Do you prefer a lighter, cooler steel blue climate in your outdoor space? Our gray paving catalog also features stunning 'Classicstone' Steel Blue stones in natural limestone for a stylish finish. With a cleft surface and 1-inch depth, you'll enjoy ample choice when it comes to decorating your patio, walkway, front porch, or backyard with these mixed-sized slabs. Attractive blue-gray undertones prevail, however, these stones also offer light natural variation with regard to color – expect tints of occasional copper for an extra-special, unique touch that breathes life into any external space. If you've ever wanted an area to entertain your guests outdoors during the summer months, the Classicstone Steel Blue pavers provide a relaxed backdrop for your deckchairs, barbecue equipment, and even those kids' bikes!

Finally, Natural Paving’s ‘Vitripiazza’ collections also have plenty of beautiful potential options for your home or rental property. If you would like a smooth finish for that poolside space, Vitripiazza Tempesta porcelain pavers are one of our favorite picks for this summer. Sleek and even, these slip-resistant paving stones have a natural stone effect that gives the feel and appearance of authentic stone. But unlike natural stone, they have undergone additional processing to finish with a flat, regular surface for an illusion of more space.  

Are you more than ready for that hardscaping project? We’re ready and waiting for your questions, and we can’t wait to help. We highly recommend you look at our Inspiration Center for more ideas if you would like to shop the look, so why not get started right now?