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Classicstone™ Collection


The Natural Paving Classicstone™ collection is an exquisite range of carefully selected natural stone flagstones with distinct, unique and varying color palettes, a naturally rippled, cleft surface, individual markings and veining and occasional fossil imprints. 

The Classicstone™ products have been calibrated to a regulated thickness and sized in squares and rectangles to simplify and reduce costs of installation. This collection includes pre-cut paving slabs, circle feature kits, driveway and path pavers in addition to pool and wall coping 

Lakeland is a natural sandstone with a selection of cool, understated tones of brown, khaki, lilac and gray

Classicstone Lakeland

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Classicstone Lakeland

There are many types of natural stone available, so it is important to choose the right natural stone for you. Natural Paving's stone has been tested by a lab in the US and has far surpassed all ASTM requirements for paver material. Find out more...
Tests include:

SI (Compressive Strength ASTM C140-15). The is the amount of pressure per square inch that may be applied before the stone breaks

Absorption Rate (ASTM C140-15). A low absorption rate is crucial to prevent stone holding onto water, especially in colder climates where high water content can result in the stone cracking

Coefficient of Friction Rate (ASTM C140-15). This is the slip resistance rating o the stone to ensure if is safe for use outside

Furthermore, all products from Natural Paving are CE marked to ensure they meet with strict EU regulations that were introduced in 2013. European standards EN1341 (flagstones), EN1342 (pavers) and EN1343 (kerbs) specify the requirements and test methods for each of these. The CE testing covers areas similar to ASTM including water absorbency, flexural strength and frost resistance.

All natural stone products have been tested to show the various properties of each stone and how it is likely to react under different circumstances.

Classicstone Lakeland paving available now at Pavingsuperstore.com

Ready to redo your outdoor living area? Planning a hardscaping project? If you’re ready to improve the look and feel of your home’s exterior areas, the Classicstone Lakeland has a huge range of beautiful sandstone pavers and tiles to meet your every requirement. This designer collection from Natural Paving is the latest in quality paving, with a massive array of Indian sandstone products to choose from. Decorate your driveway, edge your lawn, create a walkway, or revamp your patio with these natural stone pavers to add cool, subtle shades of khaki, gray, lilac, and brown to your outdoor living space.  

Natural Paving’s Classicstone collections are all made from durable, visually striking sandstone for the perfect combination of functionality and style. The Classicstone Lakeland range, in particular, is distinguished by its unique, varied colors and cleft surfaces which give a natural ripple to a structure’s exterior. All Lakestone products are of regular thickness and boast incredible flexural strength for longer life and great versatility. They are patterned with beautiful veinings, undulations, stunning markings, and the occasional imprint from fossils which add a singular cosmetic appeal.

De Terra Lakeland Pavers can add significantly an existing decor, or be used to decorate homes in a captivating contemporary theme. Natural sandstone has great compressive strength and these paving stones are 1 ¼“ thick, which makes them an ideal option for driveways and entertaining areas which get plenty of daily wear and tear. Cool brown, lilac, and buff tones create a calming effect in outdoor areas, and these paving stones have been sawn around each of their edges for a uniquely beautiful aged appearance. They are tumbled for added texture and are available in mixed unit sizes when you order the mixed pack - with Lakeland De Terra Pavers, it’s easy to lay your edging or pathways in random, creative designs. 

Designing steps for your garden? The Classicstone Lakeland range includes step coping in a diversity of unit edgings for different effects and maximum variety in texture. We recommend chiseled edge coping for creating a natural, irregular look, and bullnose coping for a smooth rounded finish in a space. This natural riven step coping range boasts the hard-wearing properties of natural stone to improve the aesthetic with varied textures and contours. Each piece is tested for flexural strength, absorbency, frost-resistance, and slip-resistance to ensure the highest possible caliber of hardscaping for your unique outdoor living area. 

Lakeland Pier Caps are an elegant way to protect your garden’s design features from weather and general damage. These pier caps are designed as hand-crafted sections with an attractively aged finish to add significantly to the elegance and sophistication of an outdoor area. They are mold-resistant thanks to sandstone’s unique qualities and make for highly durable standalone features, but can also be perfect for supporting garden lighting or decorative architecture.

When it comes to poolside paving, the Lakeland Collection also offers considerable choice. Classicstone pool coping is designed for maximum safety with non-slip surfaces, and a longer life with its low absorbency. Choose from our huge range of 24" x 12" x 2" Single Chisel designs, 12" x 2" Single Eased, 12" x 2" Single Bullnose, or 12" x 2" Double Chisel Lakeland pool coping to suit the specific dimensions of your inground or raised pool. 

At Paving Superstore, we stock and supply the whole range of Classicstone Lakeland products so you can decorate your patio, walkways, paths, or pool surrounds in style. Browse our Lakeland Paving Slabs, Pier Caps, Path Pavers, Step Treads, Wall Coping, Pool Coping, Step Coping or Paving Circle Feature Kits to find your perfect paving solution today!

Keen to learn more about the Lakeland range? Our Paving Superstore team of experts is ready to help you and give you our professional recommendations should you need them. We’re ready to help you shop the look and install your paving with minimal fuss, just let us know!