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Classicstone Promenade

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Classicstone Promenade

There are many types of natural stone available, so it is important to choose the right natural stone for you. Natural Paving's stone has been tested by a lab in the US and has far surpassed all ASTM requirements for paver material. Find out more...
Tests include:

SI (Compressive Strength ASTM C140-15). The is the amount of pressure per square inch that may be applied before the stone breaks

Absorption Rate (ASTM C140-15). A low absorption rate is crucial to prevent stone holding onto water, especially in colder climates where high water content can result in the stone cracking

Coefficient of Friction Rate (ASTM C140-15). This is the slip resistance rating o the stone to ensure if is safe for use outside

Furthermore, all products from Natural Paving are CE marked to ensure they meet with strict EU regulations that were introduced in 2013. European standards EN1341 (flagstones), EN1342 (pavers) and EN1343 (kerbs) specify the requirements and test methods for each of these. The CE testing covers areas similar to ASTM including water absorbency, flexural strength and frost resistance.

All natural stone products have been tested to show the various properties of each stone and how it is likely to react under different circumstances.

Classicstone Promenade paving available now at Pavingsuperstore.com

Ready to redo your outdoor living area? If you’re considering elegant sandstone for your yard, driveway, patio, or walkways, the Classicstone Promenade pavingcollection offers ample choice and superb quality at an affordable price for every different budget. Professionally crafted from beautiful Indian sandstone, this collection is a hugely popular, vastly practical solution with a range of architectural and aesthetic benefits. Whether you’re after a prettier pool area, a more durable driveway surface, or planning a remodel to boost your property’s value, the Promenade collection has it all.

The varied, light gray shades of this Classicstone sandstone collection give properties a contemporary, sophisticated look. Streaked with natural charcoal hues for added depth and instant appeal, they are distinctive and unique in style. The multicolored pavers, coping, and edging products in this collection are perfect for adding decorative elements to an outdoor space, while simultaneously giving the harmonious look and feel of a consistent color scheme. 

Sandstone makes an impressive hardscaping material, due to its exceptional frost resistance. It is also highly slip-resistant, with strong compressive strength that ensures much longer life than some other traditional paving solutions. Whether you choose the Classic Promenade Paving Slabs, Paving Circle Feature Kit, Driveway Pavers, Firepit, Countertop, Pool Coping, Wall Coping, or Step Coping, the hard-wearing properties of natural sandstone offer practically maintenance-free paving. 

The De Terra Promenade paversare a favorite choice for homes decorated in a contemporary style. Where line, form, and texture can add instant appeal to a space, these are the perfect solution thanks to their striking aged finish, which is clean and easy on the eye. These pavers are ideal alongside Promenade step coping-  both have cooler blue and blue-gray hues that open up an area and add to a minimalist feel. 

If you are searching for paving stones with a slightly more uniform color scheme, the Classicstone Promenade Paving Slabsare the most versatile pavers of the collection. Calm and neutral in relaxed grey shades, these come in 6’ x 3’, 24” x 24”, and mixed unit pack sizes for incredible design flexibility. At 1” to 2” inch thick, they have high flexural strength that makes them well-suited to driveways or pathways with high foot traffic. They are also ideal for sheds, workshops, tool stores, and paving expansive areas within a fixed budget. Each piece is skillfully designed with moderately varied colors, and their low absorbency makes them a superb choice for poolside areas. Because they are far less absorbent than concrete, they are also highly mold-resistant and withstand algae growth exceptionally well.

Whatever you use your outdoor living area for the most, the Promenade collection has a solution - allowing you to retain consistency across all outdoor areas while choosing a professionally designed solution for the job. The Promenade’s range of Classicstone pool copingis granulated for extra slip-resistance, making it excellent for pool surrounds where safety is a top priority. These Indian sandstone coping tiles are available in your choice of edge so that you can play around with rounded surfaces, irregular sides, and more. What suits your pool best?

Neither last nor least - but one of our favorites - the Promenade range also includes a convenient fire pit kitwhich makes easy work of setting up your own outdoor barbeque. Ditch the rust and fuss of your portable, metal grill for finished sandstone with this kit, and enjoy the natural textures and colors which have formed over many years. Each well-crafted piece has its own distinct qualities to give your property an aesthetic edge, while an inside diameter of 36 1/2" allows you to entertain larger groups without the fuss of portable barbeque setup. 

Curious about this Classicstone collection? If you want to find out more about the perfect Harvest products for your yard, walkways, patio, or property, let us know. We’ll give you all the advice you need to pick out the ideal pavers for your home, rental property, or commercial structure.